WSIAMission Statement

The Water Sports Industry Association’s mission is to serve as the world’s leading trade association that promotes and protects towed water sports activities.

Vision Statement

To be the world’s leading industry advocate that communicates, produces and distributes safety and educational materials for towed water sports. The WSIA works with local, state and federal agencies in partnership with national and international governing bodies to ensure the use of waterways for towed water sports. As a group, we develop best practices and sustainable growth for all towed water sports.

WSIA Standard Guide for Monitoring Weather Conditions during Parasail Operation

  • Every commercial parasail operator vessel shall be equipped with a hard mount or handheld visual weather monitoring device for use by the vessel Master when operating with passengers. VHF alone is not acceptable.
  • The vessel Master shall check and be cognizant of both the current and forecasted weather conditions for the intended area of operation taking into account the intended duration of the parasail set.
  • The vessel Master shall maintain a weather log that includes: wind direction, wind speed, wave height, sky conditions. Weather observations shall be recorded by the vessel Master at the start of each day of operation and before each parasail set.
  • Commercial parasailing is prohibited when the current observed wind conditions in the area of operation include sustained wind speed of more than 20 mph, wind gusts of a difference of 15 mph greater than the sustained wind speed, the wind speed during gusts exceed 25 mph or rain or heavy fog results in reduced visibility of less than 0.5 mile, or when a known thunder/lightning storm comes within 7 miles of the parasailing area.
  • When wind gusts are observed in excess of those which prohibit parasailing operations, a minimum of 30 minutes must elapse without any observed wind gust speeds exceeding those that prohibit parasailing before resuming parasailing operations.
  •  In no case shall parasail operations be conducted in weather conditions that exceed the manufacturer’s specified limitations of the equipment being used.