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Unfortunately due to staffing and construction at the Michael Smith Airport, our Beaufort Hang Gliding operation is currently shut down for the winter/spring. We hope to re-open for some periods of time in summer of 2020.

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Tandem Hang Gliding Options
  • 2000' Lesson - $159
  • Sunset Lesson - $199

~15 min

Beaufort – Kitty Hawk Kites
Beaufort, NC

Minimum Age: 10 Years Old

Maximum Weight: 225 lbs

Tandem Hang Gliding is the closest experience to what it feels like to fly! See the beauty of the Crystal Coast from the perspective of a bird.

Experience the Crystal Coast like you never have before … soaring from 2,000 feet with a professional instructor from the world’s largest Hang Gliding School! Kitty Hawk Kites has been teaching the world to fly since 1974. Now we are proud to be offering this amazing experience in Beaufort, NC!

This high-flying adventure above the Crystal Coast makes a perfect gift for the holiday season that will be remembered for a lifetime. ‘Tis the season to give the gift of flight!

Tandem Hang Gliding flights are a wonderful way to view the beauty of the Crystal Coast from the perspective of a bird. Imagine yourself ready to fly, feel the breeze on your face. The tandem instructor will coach you along this entire aerial journey. Feel the glider take you aloft behind our light-sport aircraft. Once released from the tow plane, you will experience the euphoria of free flight as you and the instructor glide gently back to the airport. Hang Gliding truly is the ultimate bucket list adventure!

Duration: approximately 12-15 min

$159 for one person

The 2000′ Tandem Hang Gliding Lesson/Flight will give you a taste for what it’s like to glide freely without the power or noise of an engine. Your instructor will guide you up behind the slow flying aircraft and even turn the controls over to you once you’re off tow if you want to feel how easy it is to fly like a bird. After several minutes of gliding back to the ground, your expert instructor will touch the glider down on landing gear on the grass airstrip. Minimum Age: 10 Years Old.

Duration: approximately 15-20 min


$199 per person
As the early morning hours usually offer the smoothest air for flying, sunset/dusk likewise typically offer fantastic flying conditions, and to top it off the view is second to none! We can only offer one sunset flight per day, so space is VERY LIMITED. If you have more than one person that would like to fly, we can schedule Lessons leading up to the Sunset Lesson at the regular 2000′ rate. The final Sunset Lesson would remain at the special rate.

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