Beaufort Kiteboarding Lessons

Unfortunately due to staffing, Kiteboarding Lessons are not currently available in the Beaufort area, but we do offer Kiteboarding Lessons on Hatteras Island in Rodanthe, NC.

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$150 per hour

Semi-Private/Group Lessons
  • Per Person - $200 per hour

2 or 3 hour Blocks

Beaufort – Kitty Hawk Kites
Beaufort, NC

For Semi-Private/Group Lessons, students must be within the same weight range & skill level

please call for semi-private lesson reservation

The most exciting and thrilling water sport, kiteboarding, is guaranteed to get your heart pounding, yet it is easy enough for almost anyone to learn!! Kiteboarding, or kitesurfing, a synergy of wind and water forces, takes harnessing the wind to the extreme! This fascinating combination realizes man’s eternal dream of flying. Once you experience the rush of kiteboarding, you will never be the same. Learn to kiteboard under the guidance of our expert and certified instructors that have been leading the sport since its inception! It is the hottest new kite sport to sweep the world, and it thrives on pure adrenaline!

In good conditions, an advanced pilot can launch 20-40 feet above the water and soar for up to seven seconds. One of the rushes of the sport is in catching the air and flying. With kiteboarding, you’re hanging for football field lengths in the air. It is such a kick because you can spin, flip or just fly. You do not have to boost huge air to have a great time kiteboarding. Many people enjoy just ripping through the water and working on more technical tricks of the sport. We have the best selection of beginner kiteboarding equipment packages online. Plus, we are available to answer any questions you have on equipment–before or after you buy!

Kiteboarding is versatile in that it is exploding on all bodies of water: rivers, lakes and oceans. Be the first in your area to enjoy this young watersport. If you live near any body of water, visualize yourself using huge multicolored kites and blazing through the blue skies in majestic swoops when the wind belts between 12 and 28 mph. Imagine hooking into a harness with a hand-held control bar, leaning your shoulders back only a few feet above the water, and burying the rail of your kiteboard into the water kicking up a frenzy of wake that peels off the back of the board into a solid rooster tail of water.

Don’t live near the water? No problem! This watersport is flexible, in the winter, you can carve through the snow. Kite surfing also works in the snow as kite skiing or snow kiting! It is easier to learn and costs less because you use a much smaller kite. And forget about those long lift lines! We have a huge selection of snow kites online!

The fastest way to get up and riding is through Private Instruction. Group and Semi-Private Lessons are without a doubt fun and helpful, but if you are serious about accelerating your learning curve, Private Instruction is the most productive use of your time. During a Private Lesson you will not rotate time on the Kite/Board so you are able to build your muscle memory more quickly and get immediate feedback from your instructor as you progress through your skills. Your curriculum and the equipment is custom-tailored to your needs as a student – where ever you are in your learning curve, the lesson is designed to help you continue learning at the rate that is best suited to you.

Most people need about 8-10 hours of instruction before they’re able to safely kite on their own. Ultimately we’re at the mercy of the wind to offer lessons, but we recommend about 4-5 days to achieve this much instruction.


  • $200 per hour, per person
  • available in 2 & 3 hour blocks
  • students must be within same weight range & skill level
  • please call for semi-private lesson reservation

Semi-Private Instruction is a great way to give Kiteboarding a try or work on skills with other students that are the same weight and ability. During a Semi-Private Lesson you will share equipment (kite and board), so the students must be close in weight and ability. Unfortunately for safety reasons we cannot teach lessons with one instructor using more than one kite or board.

Semi-Private Instruction is most common with complete beginners. Usually after about 4-6 hours of semi-private instruction, most students are ready to move on to Private Instruction as typically each student begins progressing at their own pace at that point.

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