Swim Test Guidelines

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Mermaid in a Swimming Pool

We want our students to be competent and confident in the water before beginning their mermaid transition! We have a swimming skills guideline that students are required to pass at the beginning of class prior to wearing a tail.

Please be sure to review these guidelines and ensure that the person you sign up for the mermaid swimming class will be able to complete this skills test. This is a non-refundable $15 portion of the mermaid swimming lesson.

  • Back float for 30 seconds: it is important to be relaxed and feel at ease in the water
  • Roll from front float to back float: must be able to turn over, remain in control and be comfortable in water
  • Swim a 25 yards and breathe unassisted: must demonstrate basic swimming skills with no help from the pool sides
  • Dolphin kick on front for 5 kicks: this is the basic movement for swimming with a tail and they must be competent in this skill before performing movement with tail
  • Dolphin kick on back for 5 kicks
  • Tread water for 1 minute: this demonstrates that student is comfortable in the water
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