Mermaid Tail Care, Sizing, and Safety

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Mermaid Tail Care, Sizing, and Safety

How to Care for Your Tail

  • Wear the correct size tail. Please refer to sizing chart below for correct measurements.
  • Your tail should fit snug above your hips and should fit comfortably/loosely over the monofin. The black monofin should not be visible. The tail should not be overstretched over monofin or holes could develop from stress.
  • To prevent wear and tear on your tail, avoid scraping it on rough surfaces such as pool floors, edges and concrete.  
  • Clean your tail after each use by squeezing the water out (do not wring it) then rinsing it in cold, clean water to remove chlorine, salt and sand. Line dry.
  • Do not put your mermaid tail in a dryer. Heat can cause the fabric to lose its elasticity.
  • The FinFun Mermaidens tail we use can be machine washed in cold water if needed.
  • Do not iron, bleach, or dry clean your tail.
  • When carrying your tail, hold it by the monofin with the tail wrapped around it. Try to avoid carrying it by the waist, especially when wet, which may cause it to stretch out and lose shape/elasticity.

Mermaid Tail Sizing

The monofin insert is built for speed, durability and comfort. The shape is custom molded from polypropylene material and they are lightweight and flexible. Built-in ridges aid in powerful propulsion and realistic fish-like movements. The monofin is encased in a neoprene sleeve with two holes at the top to keep feet secure, but not restricted.

FinFun SizeChartTails 780x488 - Mermaid Tail Care, Sizing, and Safety

Child/Youth ages are approximate estimates. We only carry up to Adult Medium for our classes.



Tail Safety

As with all of our activities, safety comes first and fun comes second. If you plan to purchase your own tail from one of our retail locations, or simply to use one of ours for class, we want you to know the do’s and don’ts of your mermaid tail

Always swim with adult supervision and never swim alone.

  • Put the monofin on at the water’s edge. Do not hop in the monofin
  • Only swim with a mermaid tail where you are comfortable swimming without one.
  • “Know your limit, stay within it.”
  • Do not attempt skills the mermaid tail that you cannot do without a tail.
  • Respect the water. Know where you are swimming and the conditions of the water.
  • Learn to remove the tail easily and practice doing so.
  • Don’t try to use the monofin as a flotation device.
  • Breathe normally. Don’t dive too deep or hold your breath.
  • Always watch where you are going. You will swim faster with a mermaid tail than without.

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