BeachMasters Beach Setup

Kitty Hawk Kites is now offering the BeachMasters Setup for your vacation week…your time at the beach is about to get so much easier with this service!

Check out what you’ll get setup for you everyday by 9:00 AM:

  • Shade with a counter – 10 x 10 Master Tent
  • Blender – 18 volt Margaritaville portable or Blendtec Blender (if you have power)
  • Coleman Cooler + Ice
  • BlueTooth Music Speaker
  • Cornhole Board
  • 6 Beach Chairs
  • Excellent Service

This is the premium Beach Service that will allow you to truly enjoy your Outer Banks vacation.


BlenderMargaritaville FullSizeRender 150x150 - BeachMasters Beach SetupMargaritaville® Explorer™ Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker® is designed with powerful DC shaving and blending motors. You can automatically shave and blend up to 36-ounces of restaurant-quality frozen drinks and create a party paradise just about anywhere. Heavy-duty battery pack runs for up to 60 drinks (20 pitchers) on a single charge. Pre-programmed settings automatically shave ice and blend a perfect pitcherful of your favorite frozen concoction.


Blendtec Total Blender Classic® Blender2 FullSizeRender e1460833094383 150x150 - BeachMasters Beach Setupis the iconic original that took the blending world by storm…this is the choice of professionals! If you have power available, you can’t go wrong with this option.

  • 3.0 peak horsepower motor
  • Fully sealed, push-button controls
  • 10 speeds + Pulse
  • Illuminated LCD timer displays remaining time on blends


Cooler 150x150 - BeachMasters Beach SetupA Coleman Xtreme stuffed with fresh ice every day. You can’t make frozen drinks without fresh ice right!!  Not that you would need it but your ice would last for 5 days in here.  Don’t worry, we will clean it out and refill it every morning for you. Just one less thing to have to worry about.




BlueTooth it within 100 feet from your iPhone, Android, whatever… MonsterSpeaker 150x150 - BeachMasters Beach Setupplug and play or let the pros DJ it from your favorite AM/FM station.  This little sweetheart will give you enough volume to hear it over the waves and even the blender. So whether you’ve got your own playlist or you want to relax to the local beach stations, you can chill out or rock out to your kind of tunes.



BeachMastersCornhole 150x150 - BeachMasters Beach SetupWhat’s more fun than a beach game?  Testing the skills of all ages. These boards are up to tournament specs and include all weather bags perfect for the beach.  Corn + water = a soggy mess.  No worries, we’ve got you covered.  Resin beads in the bags allow you to play on even if the waves get you.  We suggest a frozen beverage in your non-throwing hand for optimal balance.



Relaxation and organization at the same time…what a crazy concept. This is not your average pop-up tent.  It won’t buckle in the first stiff ocean breeze, this is a MASTERTENT from TentCraft.  It’s got the strength of 17 gorillas and the beauty of 100 square feet of refreshing shade.  We’ve added a counter that runs ten feet along the back for you blender, speaker and whatever else you need to keep out of the sand.

Sit here, sit there, sit wherever! Watch the waves roll in while you sip your favorite frozen beverage and play DJ from your own comfy beach lounger.  Or you can lean it back and rest your drink in the cup holder while the ocean sounds relax you. We set up six of these for you each day so pick your spot and don’t move if you don’t want to!

THE Beach PartyBeachMaster Party 450x338 - BeachMasters Beach Setup

We leave this one is up to you, but we’re happy to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy YOUR beach time with as little hassle as possible.

Why not make this year’s beach week one to remember for the rest of your life … time for your group to become BeachMasters.

What’s best of all? We offer beach rental gear and equipment for Corolla, Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head!


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