How to Pack Your Power or Traction Kite

Step 1

Land your kite with the handles in the brake position. Making sure there are no twists in the lines.

Step 2

Secure the kite handle by putting the loops on a stake. Secure the kite, by putting something on it (i.e. land board, sand or a willing friend!)

Step 3

Attach your kite killers to the loops at the bottom of the handle.

Step 4

Place handles together (holding them in the brake position), holding the bottom of the handles with one hand, and all four lines in your other hand.

Step 5

Carefully, start to wrap lines around the top of the handles, slowly walking towards your kite.

Step 6

When you’re about half a meter from your kite, pull the lines through top of handles, to secure them. Lay your handles on the floor.

Step 7

Gathering all your bridle lines inside the kite, use the ‘croc’ grips (in the centre of the trailing edge) to secure the right and left coloured line loops. (You may wish to turn one wing-tip to face the wind – to help stop the kite from moving around.)

Step 8

Fold both wing tips towards the centre , then repeat folding inwards until you have one neat strip (approximately 40cm wide).

Step 9

Roll your kite from the trailing edge, to the leading edge (you may wish to put your handles in with the kite as you roll, but ensure that the handles are clear of the bridle lines.


Step 10

Put in your rucksack. Done!

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