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Kitty Hawk Kites operates the largest hang gliding school in the world located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. For beginners or experts, it’s an experience you will never forget!

Learn to fly with Kitty Hawk Kites’ Hang Gliding  in the Outer Banks. We are the largest hang gliding school in the world, teaching hundreds of thousands of students since 1974!

We have taught students aged 4-92, male and female, physically fit and physically challenged. In fact, we can accommodate paraplegics, blind, deaf and other persons physically challenged. We provide beginner, intermediate and advanced instruction.

Dune Hang Gliding

Take flight on the soft sand dunes of Jockeys Ridge State Park in Nags Head, NC, One of the top hang gliding destinations in the world. Because of the soft sands and great winds coming off of the sound, Dune Hang Gliding is a safe activity for everyone in the family (Ages 4+). Dune Hang Gliding is easy to learn and sure to create core memories as you fly through the air with the help and guidance of our expertly trained instructors. Come fly with us!

Tandem Hang Gliding

See the best views of the Outer Banks from the air with our Tandem Hang Gliding school in Grandy, NC. Fly with highly trained Hang Gliders as they fly over the Outer Banks and give you the view of a lifetime. During this flight you will be hooked to our instructor and gently towed up to flying heights until you safely land back at the same place you started. No prior hang gliding experience is needed, we fly with people of all ages! See the best views in The Outer Banks!


Hang gliding is a manageable and enjoyable sport for all ages, especially when guided by expertly trained instructors who ensure a safe experience. Both takeoff and landing are gentle, designed to make beginners feel comfortable. With a low risk rating and stringent safety protocols, hang gliding offers a thrilling yet secure adventure. Learn more. 

Hang gliding can fit a family-friendly budget, with prices typically ranging from $100 to $300 per person depending on the type of hang gliding (dune vs. tandem) and experience level, with beginner lessons usually being more affordable. To get the best deals, sign up for Kitty Hawk Kites emails for seasonal discounts. Enjoy an exhilarating adventure without breaking the bank!

Yes, you can absolutely hang glide with no experience! Kitty Hawk Kites offers beginner classes with experienced and highly trained instructors to guide you every step of the way. It’s a safe and exhilarating adventure, perfect for first-timers.

Hang gliding features a lightweight, non-motorized glider with a rigid frame, launched from hills, cliffs, or dunes offering faster speeds and longer flights. Paragliding uses a parachute-like canopy and harness, allowing easy launches by running off slopes and utilizing thermal currents. Both provide thrilling aerial adventures and is ideal for enthusiasts seeking portability and ease of launch.

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