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  • 1 Hour - $29
  • 2 Hours - $39
  • Daily - $59
  • Weekly - $150
  • Group - $69 per person
  • Private - $75 - $105 per person

Learn to stand up paddleboard. Lessons begin with the anatomy of a SUP and its terminology. Next, paddling techniques, balance and feet positioning are discussed. Participants then practice popping up onto the SUP on the beach before getting wet.
Rentals Available in; Corolla, Sanderling Resort, Duck, Nags Head, Manteo and Rodanthe

Stand up paddleboarding or SUP, is both a fun and relaxing way to play on the water. Only a small amount of equipment is required to get into the sport – in fact, all you really need is a board and a paddle. SUP has been around for a little while, but has only recently really taken hold and become a mainstream watersports activity.

As adoption of stand up paddleboarding has increased, so have the number of different ways to SUP. For instance, there are many yoga instructors that have taken their classes from the studio to the water. Paddleboards are quite buoyant and if your balance is good enough, it’s just as easy to perform even the most strenuous yoga positions on a moving board as opposed to on a stationary mat.

Stand up paddleboarding can be a tranquil watersports activity; it can also be a great way to get a high-energy workout. Cross fit enthusiasts use the sport as a training activity, as it gives you nearly a full body workout when moving at full force on the water.

Since you’re standing up at full height on the board, you can enjoy unique and interesting views of the surrounding area and also the sea life below your board. Its especially pleasurable if the water below is clear enough to see the bottom.

Most people prefer taking their paddleboards out on a calm body of water, however it can also be engaging for experienced SUPers to take their boards out on the ocean during ideal wave conditions. Paddleboards are extremely fun to ride waves with, and it’s easier for most people to ride waves on a SUP in comparison to with a traditional surfboard.

If stand up paddleboarding sounds like something you’d be interested in, we’d be happy to help you get started and out on the water. Kitty Hawk Kites offers SUP lessons, tours, rentals and SUP yoga! Call us at 1-877-359-8447 if you have any questions about the SUP activities or rentals mentioned above.

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