Layering Under Your Wetsuit

What are Base Layers?

Base Layers are ideal for layering under your wetsuit and then also wearing under your board shorts and quick dry water shirt!

Understanding Base Layers and Their Materials

Polypropylene is a material often used by the military as base layer clothing. This synthetic material helps you stay warm and dry without all of the bulk which some other clothing materials can cause. This is possible because the fibers are hollow which wick moisture away from your body. The hollow fibers also trap body heat to keep you warmer. Polypropylene materials are perfect for watersports and for under a wetsuit, when you need a bit of added warmth. Unlike lycra rashguards that retain water and keep you cooler, polypropylene shirts will wick away the water to allow it to dry quickly and keep you warmer.

Metalite – New modern technology that uses a layer of metal applied to the inside of the garment. This creates a windproof and reflective barrier. The reflective material will reflect body heat back into your body.

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