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$399 per student

Adaptive Hang Gliding Lesson (5 flights)
  • 1 Participant - $399
  • Additional Participants (up to 3) - $199
Go Pro Film & Photo Package
  • Package per Person - $39 + tax

Roll into the sky! Sit in our custom built hang gliding cart and roll into the air!

Roll into the sky!

The Wills Wing EZ Flyer carriage does not require the student pilot to use their lower body during launch or landing. An instructor will be under each wing to get the glider to speed during launch, ensure a smooth and level flight, and assist with a controlled landing on wheels.  Just like our traditional Beginner Hang Gliding lessons, you’ll go through ground school and get 5 flights during your 3-hour lesson.  We recommend this lesson for students who may not have complete use of their legs. If running is not possible, the Adaptive Hang Gliding Lesson may be a good alternative to the Beginner Hang Gliding Lesson. 

Due to the rolling launch, distance, altitude, and airtime may be reduced when compared to the Beginner Dune Hang Gliding Lesson. The glider type and associated performance require optimal weather conditions for safe operation.  We have a weight limit of 200 lbs for this adventure. 

Please note: If the student will need transport to the dunes from the school (about 200 yards through sand), and/or assistance ascending the dune between flights, please make sure to let the school know so that we can develop a working strategy in advance. 

Give us a call to set up these lessons at 1-877-FLY-THIS.

EZ Flyer Beginner Lesson vs Traditional Beginner Lesson

  • method of launching and landing (no running with EZ Flyer)
  • position in the glider is seated vs prone after foot launch


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