Kids Hang Gliding Lessons


$99 - $109

Lesson Rates (includes Ground School)
  • 5-Flight Beginner - $109
  • 3-Flight Demo - $99

“Kids Classes” are designed specifically to safely teach children that weigh less than 75 lbs.

Children that weigh more than 75 lbs make book into any of our other regularly scheduled adult classes.

June, July and August we have lessons open for online bookings and you should be able to sign up other students that weigh more than 75 lbs at the same time.

During the off season we offer the “kids lessons” on a case by case basis, but we can usually teach them any day!

Kids Lessons are available all year. We teach the “Kids Lesson” simultaneously with our regular class so that everyone in the family may participate together. If your child weighs more than 75 lbs then they should sign up for any of our regular classes!

We teach Kid’s Hang Gliding all year!

The “Kid’s Hang Gliding Lesson” is designed specifically for anyone under 75 lbs! We’ve taught children as young as 4, and although there is no weight requirement the child must be able to follow simple commands. Our experienced instructors will ensure your child has a safe and thrilling experience. As we have more instructors on staff during the summer months, we tend to have more availability during the months of June through August, but we can teach these classes all year. Kids Lessons require specific staffing needs so give us a call to schedule if you don’t see an online schedule available.

Kids Hang Gliding Lessons are conducted at our training facility in Jockey’s Ridge State Park located at Mile Post 12 in Nags Head, NC. The dunes of Jockey’s Ridge provide the perfect platform for learning to hang glide – they have plenty of height for beginners and are soft for landing. Through special arrangement with the State Park Service, we are allowed to conduct hang gliding lessons from these dunes. We have been providing lessons at this site for over 25 years.

The Kid’s Hang Gliding Lesson is 3 hours long and starts with check-in (30 minutes prior to class time). Each class has no more than 5 students per instructor. The class begins with about 1 hour of ground school including a training video.

After ground school, the kids proceed to the dunes via a scenic walkway. It’s about a 200 yard walk to the base of the dunes. Once they have climbed to the the top of the dunes, (the instructor carries the glider) they begin their solo hang gliding flights. The instructor is there to help. He/she will help the kids get into the harness, provide any last minute instructions, and help them launch.

They will run into the wind, and depending on the wind conditions, they can travel anywhere from 30 to 100+ yards at 5 feet above the sand. Each trip down the dune is termed a “flight.” The standard beginner lesson includes 5 flights. At all times, 2 instructors will be tethered to the glider and will help guide the glider down the dune.

Kitty Hawk Kites offers GoPro footage of your lesson so that you can relive this memory for years to come. We film each flight you take above the dunes of Jockey’s Ridge State Park. Within 48 hours of your lesson we will email you all of your flight footage plus at least 50 to 100 fully edited digital photos of your soaring experience. The footage and digital photos are social media ready so you can easily share with friends and family!

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