Sandboard Rentals – Jockeys Ridge

Kitty Hawk Kites offers Sandboard Rentals at Jockey’s Ridge State Park all year long during park visitation hours! The Sandboards that we rent are strapless boards that require wax for the bottom of the board (wax is included with your rental).

If you would like to rent a sandboard from Kitty Hawk Kites, simply give our Hang Gliding School a call at 252-441-2426. Each rental includes a special wax and rentals are available during regular park visitation hours.

F.A.Q. s

Q:  Is it like snow boarding?
A:  It’s more like sledding on sand.  Your feet aren’t strapped to the board, so you can stand or sit. You can’t traverse turns, spray sand, or alternate from heel side to toe side. It is a straight shot, like a sled ride.

Q: Do they go fast?
A:  It’s not as fast as snow sledding or snow boarding.  The steeper the hill the faster you go.  The wax that’s provided helps reduce the friction on the sand. Not all of the hills are big enough or steep enough for the sand board to work. If it doesn’t work, or there is not enough speed, seek a higher or steeper portion of the dune.

Q: Should I bring my own wax?
A:  No need.  A special wax is provided.  Standard surf board wax will not work and actually will make the board sticky…defeating the purpose of making the bottom of the board slick.

Q:  Can you go in the rain?
A:  The boards sticks to wet sand, so make sure the sand is dry. Sometimes it may take a day or two after a hard rain for the sand to create ideal dry conditions for the sandboarding.

Q: What should I wear?
A:  Dress for the weather and be prepared to get sandy…/VERY sandy.

Q:  Do I need a permit to sandboard?
A:  Since you are not strapping your feet to the board, technically you are “sand sledding” No permit needed as long as your feet aren’t strapped to the board.

Q:  Can I rent a sandboard with straps?
A:  Jockey’s Ridge State Park only permits sandboarding with straps from October 1 through March 31. Kitty Hawk Kites only rents strapless sandboards or “sleds”, so sandboards with straps are not available to rent from Kitty Hawk Kites.

Q:  What if I have my own sandboard with straps/bindings?
A:  Jockey’s Ridge State Park only permits sandboarding with straps from October 1 through March 31 in a designated area. You are required to get a permit (it’s free) from the Park office and ride only in a designated area illustrated on the Park Map.

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