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Teaching the world to fly takes more than just pixie dust. It takes a team dedicated to creating uplifting experiences for all of our customers. We want you to be part of that team! But don’t just take our word for it. Read from this sample of these anonymous employee testimonials.



From Glass Door

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“Love working with students from different countries. Everybody’s nice and friendly (crew and managers). It’s a great experience and it’s fun during the summer… I worked with Sammy, Kirsten, and Matt during the summer in Corolla. They are all nice with the students, helpful, and provide a great customer service.”

rating 153609 1280 - Employee Testimonials

Everyone you work with is your team, and they truely have a great support and network of friends… Luke bear is the best boss. He truely cares about his employees and is always there to help with anything!”


From Indeed

rating 153609 1280 - Employee Testimonials
Lots of benefits with working here as far as recreation and fun you get a lot to do. For fulltime workers the benefits are even greater and it is a great close knit company to work for.
Pros: Lots of free recreation
Cons: Summers are extremely busy but still fun.”

rating 153609 1280 - Employee Testimonials
I loved working at kitty hawk kites, made amazing friends and had an amazing time seeing the beach every day, highly recommend shopping and working there as well!”

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