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$40 - $59

  • Adults - $59
  • Children (5-12 yrs old) - $40

*minimum of 4 participants for this tour to go out as each tour requires 2 guides for safety during night time paddling.

Enjoy a world famous Outer Banks Night Time Kayak Tour to experience the majesty of a full moon over the water. One of the best experiences on the Outer Banks!

A moonlit paddle is a must do for any self-respecting kayaker. This 1.5-2 hour excursion is a great way to enjoy the coastal environments and howl at the moon on a summer evening on the Outer Banks. Our standard Night Time Kayak Tour in Kitty Hawk is a great way to get out on the water after dark to paddle through the protected waters of the Kitty Hawk Woods Nature Preserve.

If you’re looking to catch a glimpse of bioluminescence – glowing fluorescent bacteria in the water – our Nags Head location can offer great visibility in the summer months when the water temperature is warm enough to support the growth of the bacteria-producing bioluminescence. Due to Mother Nature’s lunar cycles, some days may be more difficult to see bioluminescence. If there is a full moon, it can sometimes be too bright to observe the bioluminescence in the water, while no moon days typically offer better visibility. Either way, it’s exciting to get a different perspective of the Nags Head marshes at night!

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