We do not currently have an active paragliding program on the Outer Banks, but do offer paragliding lessons in New Hampshire from May – September at Morningside Flight Park.

We are actively searching for PG Instructors to be able to offer paragliding lessons on the Outer Banks.  If you are interested in learning about Paragliding or becoming an instructor, please contact our flight school at 252.441.2426.

Call 1-877-359-8447 to Reserve over the phone.

Come experience the fastest growing free-flight aviation sport in the world! Take flight with us on the scenic sand dunes of Jockey’s Ridge where you will receive training on one of the simplest foot-launched aircraft in existence. The same soft sands and smooth winds that brought the Wright Brothers here makes this the ideal location for learning how to paraglide. Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying a paraglider–a lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider “wing” with no rigid airframe. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below the wing whose shape is maintained by its lines and the air flowing over and inside the wing.

Paragliding Lessons

Kiting fundamentals (manipulation of the wing while the pilot is on the ground) are the heart of any successful flight and will be the emphasis on day one. Throughout the lesson each student will learn the basics of proper paraglider setup, inflation, ground handling (or kiting) and even taste unassisted flight. This paraglider training session includes a training film, ground school, log booklet and all equipment for your first lesson. Advanced lessons will get the pilot flying without assistance, working towards a Para 1 rating. The first level of certification as a paragliding pilot.

Paragliding lessons are a little more than 3 hours long. 30-45 minutes for Ground School indoors, then about 2 hours spent on the dunes practicing skills and finally about 30 minutes of review. Each student will receive intensive instruction on kiting and 5 solo flights. Flights will range in altitude anywhere between 5-10 feet off the ground, traveling between 30-75 yards in distance.

Paragliding Starter Package

Serious about paragliding, but maybe don’t have a full week to dedicate to getting your rating? Sign up for our “Starter Package” and progress toward your first Paragliding Rating – USHPA PARA 1. This lesson package consists of three (3) Paragliding Lessons and is perfect for a long weekend stay on the Outer Banks!

Para 1 Training Package

Train for your first paragliding rating – USHPA PARA 1. This lesson package consists of six (6) Paragliding Lessons and cements the foundation skills necessary to truly begin to enjoy the sport of paragliding! Take all 6 lessons in succession, or split them up over the course of a few weekends. This package is designed to be flexible to meet your schedule!

Para 1 Camp

We offer week long camps 3 times per year that include lodging and instruction for your first rating! If we have enough interest in putting on a Paragliding specific camp (P1 – we need at least 2 students)then we’ll work on bringing in an instructor to teach the camp. [CLICK HERE] for more information about our camps.

Powered Paragliding

The most affordable form of motorized personal flight!!

By combining a modern day paraglider wing with a lightweight motorized backpack, powered paragliding allows anyone to achieve safe, sustainable flight with an aircraft that literally fits into the trunk of your car!

While it often requires more than one clinic for a student to successfully achieve solo flight, by the time your instruction is complete each student will be able to safely maintain and operate their own motor unit anywhere in the United States.

  • Minimum 18 years old age requirement & maximum weight 245 lbs allowed.
  • Instruction does not include use of equipment (ie you must have your own paragliding equipment.)

for more information please call 252-441-2426

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