50th Annual Hang Gliding Spectacular
May 19 - May 22, 2022

Rogallo Hall of Fame

Each year during the Hang Gliding Spectacular, Kitty Hawk Kites holds the Rogallo Foundation Hall of Fame induction ceremony in conjunction with a buffet dinner. The Rogallo Foundation presents an award to someone who has made important contributions to the sport of hang gliding and low-speed flight. The person is then inducted into the Rogallo Hall of Fame.


heiney 348x450 - Rogallo Hall of FameJohn Heiney has an impressive Hang Gliding resume.  His accomplishments include designer, test pilot, record holder film maker, exhibition pilot and more.   No doubt what he is most famous for his promotion of hang gliding through photography.  John is an incredibly talented photographer and pioneered many of the camera angles that we all now take for granted by inventing and improving camera mounts back when camera systems weighed 5 pounds or more.   No hang glider pilot/photographer has provided more shots for hang gliding magazine’s cover and centerfold than John Heiney.

Without folks like John, the sport of hang gliding would not be where it is today. Thank you, John, for your contributions to the betterment, safety, progress, recognition, promotion, growth, and development of the sport of hang gliding.

halloffame 450x351 - Rogallo Hall of FameDan Johnson

Matt Taber

Mike Meier

Dave Cronk

Steve Pearson 

Tom Price 

Richard Boone 

Bob Trapeneau 

Roy Haggard

Michael Riggs 

Rob Kells

Bobby Bailey

Terry Sweeney 

Russel Brown

John Harris

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