Glenn Hockett 30 Day XC Competition

Glenn Hockett 30 Day XC Competition
KHK is hosting a friendly little competition as a tribute to the memory of Glenn Hockett.
Glenn Hockett was the second hang gliding instructor hired by Kitty Hawk Kites in 1974. Over the following years, Glenn taught thousands of people to fly, and helped build the Kitty Hawk Kites flight school into what it is today. Glenn was an excellent pilot and won the Hang Gliding Spectacular numerous times. He also competed at Grandfather Mountain and became a test pilot for Seagull Aircraft. Glenn was a great person and contributed so much energy to build our sport. He was an outstanding example of “teaching the world to fly.” Glenn passed away in 2020 from complications from a car accident. We hope this Annual challenge will honor his friendship and many contributions to hang gliding.
From August 24th to September 24, 2020 Kitty Hawk Kites will be hosting a cross country contest with a grand prize of $500 (sponsored by John Harris and Tom Haddon)! Flights will be measured in straight-line distance from launch to landing. Longest distance wins! There will also be honorable mentions for highest altitude and longest airtime.

KHK 30-day Hang Gliding XC Competition Rules:

1.) All flights must be taken EAST of the Mississippi river.
2.) All flights must be recorded in .GPX or .IGC format or witnessed and documented by a 3rd party. If your vario does not record or you are unable to retrieve your files a .GPX recording app can be used on your smartphone. If .GPX files are unavailable there must be a picture of you at takeoff and a picture of you where you landed along with testimony from a 3rd party. Screenshots of a MAPS app are required.
3.) Flight distance will be measured in a straight-line.
4.) Only flexible wing hang gliders are permitted to compete. (No ATOS or aircraft that make use of control surfaces)
5.) All flights must be completed on or after August 24, 2020 and must be submitted by midnight on September 24, 2020 to

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