Kite Line Adjustments

Compare lengths

These kite lines are of a different length and may cause your kite to fly incorrectly such as spin wildly in one direction.

Remove lines from handles (or bar) and from kite. Attach one end of the lines to a fixed point (i.e. a peg in the ground). This will allow you to pull the lines taut so you can compare the lengths more easily (see fig.1).

Untie both loops

Untie both loops at one end of the line

Slide the sleeving down the longer line to match the sleeving on the shorter line.

Re-tie loops

Re-tie both loops – make sure that lines are the same length.

Cut Off Excess

Cut off excess line that extrudes from the sleeving. To prevent the line from fraying, seal (melt) the end(s) with a match or lighter.


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