Fly & Ride Kiteboarding Course

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Fly & Ride Group Lesson
  • 1 Student - $550
  • 2 Students - $525 per person
  • 3 Students - $500 per person

3-5 hours / 1 day

Waves Village Watersports Resort – Rodanthe
Rodanthe, NC

This is a comprehensive course designed for those that want to learn to ride! This course includes the 2 hr Learn to Fly Course and the 3 hr Begin to Board Course.

Beginner Fly & Ride Course

This full day course is the cornerstone of learning to kiteboard with Kitty Hawk Kites. It’s a comprehensive course designed to establish a solid foundation in the sport with emphasis on safety and kite control to ensure that you’re ready to take the next step. We utilize small a small group setting (no more than 3:1 ratio) to help improve the learning environment. Keep in mind that this course can be completed in about 3 hours if there is only one student signed up. With 2 students the class typically take 4 hours. A full class with 3 students will usually take 5 hours.

    Start your day out with the fundamentals of kiteboarding. You’ll learn proper safety protocol and procedures for kiteboarding as well as understanding wind speed, direction and theory. Next you’ll learn how to apply this knowledge to help you choose the right kite size, rig your equipment, and then ultimately how to launch and land the kite with basic kite control.
    After a short break, transition to the water so that you can learn to relaunch the kite as well as how to sheet and depower the kite. You’ll learn to body drag with a kiteboard while sheeting the kite to control power, but the ultimate goal is to progress you to combining board balance on the kiteboard for your first water starts and basic riding. By focusing on understanding how to control power through power strokes you’ll learn how to transition from a water start into basic downwind riding. Self rescue and self exits will be practiced.

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