Outer Banks Kiteboarding Lessons

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On March 22nd, we will be increasing prices for this adventure. Book now, before the season begins, to lock in your trip at our 2020 rates.

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Starting at $300

  • Private Lesson (2hr) - $300
  • Fly & Ride (~5hr) - $450
  • Private Lessons (3hr) - $450
  • Way to Fly Camp (2-3 days) - $699
  • Ultimate Way to Fly (3-5 days) - $1295

Our kiteboarding/kite surfing school is PASA (Professional Air Sports Association) approved. PASA has created methods of teaching that have become industry standards for providing safe instruction. These standards ensure that you will get quality instruction.


Waves Village Watersports Resort

Kitty Hawk Kites Kiteboarding School is located at Waves Village Watersports Resort on world famous kiteboarding lesson mecca: Hatteras Island of the Outer Banks, NC. Kitty Hawk Kites is dedicated to providing the most professional instruction available for students of all levels. Backed by the long history of the largest hang gliding school in the world, Kitty Hawk Kites has been Teaching the World to Fly since 1974. Kiteboarding lessons are available March – November at Waves Village Waterports in scenic Rodanthe, NC.

Whalebone Watersports

(Temporarily Closed)

Only 25 miles north of the Waves Village Resort in Rodanthe, you’ll find another Kiteboarding Lesson location at our Whalebone Watersports Facility. Located in Nags Head, this location offers lessons May – September. Similar to the Waves Village location, this is a great area to learn watersports. The water is shallow and there is a steady wind throughout the summer months

Learning to Kiteboard

  • Step 1: Get your feet wet – literally or not!
    KHK RECOMMENDED: Buy a Trainer Kite and practice flying on your own, you’ll be surprised how much it helps to understand how to fly a power kite before taking your first Kiteboarding Lesson or try an Intro Kiteboarding Lesson to see if you like a brief glimpse into the sport.
  • Step 2: Build your foundation with Kiteboarding Lessons
    KHK RECOMMENDED: Start with the Fly & Ride Course or a Way to Fly Camp with a couple of friends. These courses help establish your core skills in the watersport.
  • Step 3: Hone your skills
    KHK RECOMMENDED: Keep your progress rolling with Private Instruction. Fully customizeable instruction tailored to your needs and learning ability. No Experience? Try the Ultimate Way to Fly and we’ll jump start you into the sport with dedicated instructors.
  • Step 4: Enjoy the ride!
    KHK RECOMMENDED: Keep coming back … try new gear … ride with friends … participate in our annual Kiting competitions and events. You can launch from our Kiteboarding School once you have the appropriate experience.

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