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Pilot Packages starting at $450

Pilot Pacakges
  • 3-Lesson Aerotow Pkg - $450
  • 15-Lesson Aerotow Pkg - $1995
  • Accelerated Hang II Pkg - $3000

If your ultimate goal is to fly at altitude solo, the Hang II Rating should be your first goal for becoming a Hang Glider Pilot.

If your ultimate goal is to fly at altitude solo, the Hang II Rating should be your first goal for becoming a Hang Glider Pilot. Kitty Hawk Kites has designed an Accelerated Hang Gliding Lesson curriculum to help get you there if you don’t have any experience. The focus will be on Tandem Aerotowing Lessons from the Cotton Gin, but you’ll also be able to complete your footlaunch requirements at our Hang Gliding School at Jockeys Ridge State Park.

Here’s what’s included in this package:

  • Personalized Attention – both the Flight Park & the Hang Gliding School
  • Foot Launch Instruction – complete this requirement at Jockey’s Ridge State Park
  • 20 Tandem Aerotow Lessons – you’ll concentrate your training at altitude with our seasoned instructors
  • 2 Solo Flights – complete your training at the flight park with two solo tows
  • New* Glider Credit – Once you complete this package we’ll give you a $500 credit toward a new glider purchase!

We offer Tandem Instruction seasonally April – September (and occasionally late March/early October). We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy schedules, but of course we recommend picking as many dates in close proximity to each other to help you progress more quickly. If you can only come fly on the weekends, we can make that happen too…our goal is to help you achieve your rating and join our pilot community!

*New Glider credit applies to brand new gliders at full retail value.

Other Tandem Aerotowing Options…

3-Lesson Tandem Aerotow Lesson Package

If you’re not sure that you’re ready to commit completely to the recommended Hang II regiment, sign up for a few lessons at a time. It’s a little more per lesson, but still more affordable than paying for one lesson every time you come by the Outer Banks.

3-Lesson Package is available for $450.00 (save $147! … $150 per tow)

Hang II Training Package (15 Aerotows)

If you’ve already got your Hang I, this is a great option for you. Call our reservations team to sign up for this 15-Lesson Aerotow Package. Just like the Accelerated Package, your training will occur at the Cotton Gin Flight Park.

Hang II 15-Lesson Package is available for $1,995.00 (save nearly $1000! $133 per tow)

Dune training available all year
Tandem training available Apr-Sept

Package Breakdown

  • Dune Instruction (3-4 Lessons) ~ $650 value
  • 20 Tandem aero-tow Lessons ~ $4,000 value
  • 2 Solo Flights – $50 value
  • New* Glider Credit – $500 (brand new gliders only)

$5,000+ Value with $2,000+ in savings!

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Tandem Hang Gliding FAA Training Resources

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