Meet Our Instructors

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Take some time to meet the Kitty Hawk Kites Hang Gliding Instructors, check out their certifications and what they are all about.

Meet Our Instructors

Bruce WeaverIMG 2494g - Meet Our Instructors

Vice President of Recreation, Hang Gliding Instructor, Flight School Manager, United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Instructor Administrator and Regional Director

Bruce has been a hang gliding instructor since 1987 and has shepherded over 250 instructors through Kitty Hawk Kites Flight School. He taught his dad, wife and two sons how to fly. Bruce is a graduate of the College of William and Mary with a degree in Marketing and Spanish and a concentration in rugby. Bruce’s most memorable flight was on the coast of Mexico. He is an inspiration to the younger instructors who look to him as a “God of the Sky” watching him float effortlessly above the sand dunes. Look for a friendly greeting from Bruce or his dog, Gus, at the school in Jockey’s Ridge State Park!

Jonny Thompsonattachments 1 - Meet Our Instructors

Flight Park Manager, Master rated pilot, Hang gliding instructor, tandem instructor. Administrator for tandem, Aerotow, platform and static launch. Private pilot, tug pilot, FAA Flight Instructor and Examiner, USHPA mentor

Hang glider pilot since 1975, an instructor since 1977. Jon is a member of the US National Sport Class Hang Gliding Team. Jon has flown over 9,000 safe solo and tandem flights. His mustache can sniff out thermals better than most of the local birds, making for a great tug pilot!

Screen Shot 2018 01 31 at 2.06.29 PM - Meet Our Instructors

Johnathon Bland

Flight School Assistant Manager, Hang Gliding Instructor, Tandem Hang Gliding Pilot

JB helps manage the hang gliding school, and is the leader of our Instructor Training Academy.  He took his first hang gliding flight with his dad when he was 2 and has been an instructor here since 2008.  He has a passion for teaching and in the winter time JB swaps his hang glider for a snowboard and heads out west to continue teaching the world to fly in other ways.

Screen Shot 2018 02 14 at 12.16.32 PM - Meet Our Instructors


Andy Thompson

Tandem Hang Gliding Instructor

Andy will make sure your experience in the sky is unforgettably exciting. Andy can’t get enough flying. Like a bird, Andy migrates south every winter to fly in New Zealand and returns every spring. Fly with Andy this summer.  If his long, blonde hair isn’t blowing in your face, you’ll have a great view of the Outer Banks with this awesome tandem pilot.


Mike “Too-Tall” Pattishall Screen Shot 2018 02 14 at 12.16.47 PM - Meet Our Instructors

Tandem Hang Gliding Instructor

While straining your neck to greet this towering, friendly fellow, you may be surprised to learn the extensive flight experience behind his young visage. You may see Mike surfing the waves at the beach, or looking for a ride back to his car after a long downwind kiteboarding session. While he spends his winters flying in Australia, you can fly with Mike here at our Flight Park all summer long. You won’t forget your aerial tour of the Outer Banks with Too-Tall.




Wolfgang GaidisScreen Shot 2018 02 14 at 12.19.09 PM - Meet Our Instructors

Lead Dune Hang Gliding Instructor

Wolf learned to Hang Glide with his dad in 2009, and now shares his excitement for the sport with every passerby he’s able to hold a conversation with. You can recognize Wolf’s enthusiasm from anywhere on Jockey’s Ridge by the thundering echo of “Yeah Baby!” shouted at his students as they fly through the air. Come share Wolf’s energy at the hang gliding school on Jockey’s Ridge.

Screen Shot 2018 01 31 at 2.03.46 PM - Meet Our Instructors

Nolan Hollingshead

Lead Dune Hang Gliding Instructor

Nolan’s passion for sharing the sport showed beyond just passing out smiles on the sand dunes when he started the Hang Gliding Club at Virginia Tech several years ago to create growth in the hang gliding community. This has since, produced several new pilots and opened up promising sites for hang gliding near campus. Nolan’s interests also include, rock climbing and pretending that he is tan. Look for this red-bearded fellow at the Jockey’s Ridge sand dunes!


Luke RobinsonScreen Shot 2018 02 14 at 12.09.29 PM - Meet Our Instructors

Lead Hang Gliding Instructor

Genuine, handsome, and full of smiles; His background in coaching and hospitality makes for a great combination on the dunes. Luke brings a unique light to every lesson. Enjoy walking into the sky with this “jedi” instructor.






Screen Shot 2018 02 14 at 12.16.17 PM - Meet Our Instructors

Hannah Zobel

Dune Hang Gliding Instructor

Hannah’s adventures did not stop at teaching hang gliding in the Outer Banks. From the mountains of California, to the beaches in Hawaii and back again, this girl has more to tell than the average 22 year old! She’s a great listener and her smile will keep you comfortable and excited to fly over the sand on your next adventure.



Jesse ValentiScreen Shot 2018 02 14 at 12.08.45 PM - Meet Our Instructors

Hang Gliding Instructor

Jesse has a charm like no other.  His love for teaching and adventure will give you an experience of a lifetime.  He spends his winter’s in the mountains snowboarding and his summer in the sky.  His energetic and positive attitude is sure to make your time on the dunes more than memorable.



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