Hang Gliding Club

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Hang Gliding Club

Start a Hang Gliding Club, Become a Pilot HALF OFF!

If you’ve been trying to get a club together, we are here to help! We know it’s not easy to get the ball rolling; budgets are tight, and the logistics can be daunting. Problems solved! We cut our prices in half and have housing available! Whether you are looking to begin a new hang gliding club, or are looking for a fun adventure for your current club, give us a call and we can work with you to organize a trip for your group! Some basic information is below; feel free to call the Kitty Hawk Kites Hang Gliding School directly at 252-441-2426 or e-mail at hangglide@kittyhawk.com with any additional inquiries.

One Week, Hang 1 Club Package

  • H1 Lesson Package: $425 /student (normally $849 per person)
  • Housing: $500 for the Club for 1 week! (up to 8 students per house)

Day & Weekend Trips

  • Beginner Lesson: $139 $70
  • Advanced Lesson: $175 $88
  • Housing: $25/night!

“Sounds great, where do we start?”

  1. Contact us! Call or e-mail to tell us you’re interested! 252-441-2426 or hangglide@kittyhawk.com
  2. Make a facebook Group! Give others the chance to learn to fly and set a date for a trip to the outer banks!
  3. Fly, Fly, Fly! Have your group leader call with your group’s roster and spend a week soaring through the air!

Eligibility: Lessons must be taken as a group of a collegiate club. Minimum group size is 4 individuals. Students under 18 years of age may fly with a waiver signed by a parent.

Any questions ?? give us a call 252-441-2426




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