Private Hang Gliding Lesson

Private Instruction Rates
  • 1:1 Lesson - $399 per person
  • 2:1 Lesson - $288 per person

*4-person private lessons will likely be closer to 5-7 flights per person

Ground School is still required for all first time students (or any student that hasn’t taken a lesson at Jockey’s Ridge State Park in the last year)

Accelerate your training on the sand dunes with a personal trainer!

Beginner Hang Gliding Lessons on the sand dunes are taught at a ratio of 1 instructor to 4 or 5 students. We believe that the group setting is a great format for learning to fly, but if you’re interested in more time with the instructor, Private Instruction may be the path for you! Private/semi-private lessons are available by request and dependent on instructor availability. Several weeks advanced notice will usually be needed to accommodate a private hang gliding lesson.

Please note: Private and semi-private lessons still take place at the same time as the regular beginner lessons. You would still participate in the group ground school. Once we get to the sand dunes, however, you would separate from the larger group to train with your own instructor and glider. Private lessons typically offer students 7-10 flights each.

These lessons are available year round at Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Nags Head, NC upon instructor availability.


  • 1 Beginner Dune Lesson
  • 1 Intermediate Dune Lesson

Combines the Beginner Lesson with 1 Intermediate Lesson and saves you $20. You can upgrade to this package within 24 hours of taking your Beginner Lesson. It can be accomplished in one day or over the course of two days…whichever fits your schedule.

Book a Full Day Package

  • 1 Beginner Dune Lesson
  • 5 Advanced Dune Lessons

If you know that you’re ready to go for it, this package will save you the most money per lesson. Sign up for this 6-lesson training package and you’ll save $155 over 6 lessons. You can take all the lessons in 3 days or spread them out at you’re own leisure on weekends or over the course of a whole year (or even longer!) Just keep in mind like with any sport, consistency of training is one of the keys for developing muscle memory and good habits so we encourage you to not wait too long in between lessons.

Book a Hang 1 Package

Available 2-3 times per year in April/May and September/October, these camps are a great way to learn at the same time as other like minded students and give you a great glimpse into the camaraderie of the pilot community.

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