Hang I Packages & Camps

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Learn how to fly at the largest hang gliding school in the world at a Kitty Hawk Kites Hang One Camp! In a week, you’ll learn to launch, fly straight and level, land on your feet consistently, and earn your USGHA Hang One rating.

Hang I Packages & Camps


Work Your Way to Your Hang I!

1 Beginner Dune Lesson
5 Adv. Beginner Dune Lessons
$699 per package
$854 Value with $155 in savings!

Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Nags Head, NC offers consistent winds and safe training conditions year round. The soft sand provides a forgiving environment, which is ideal for practicing your launches and landings. With a temperate climate your training begins when it’s convenient for you! Kitty Hawk Kites also conducts concentrated week-long Hang 1 Camps for students that want to condense that training. You may be surprised how achievable a Hang 1 or a Para 1 rating actually can be…it’s definitely within your grasp!


Hang I Certified on Your Own Time!

From November to March you can take as many dune lessons as you want! We are open 7 days a week throughout the year. The off season promises smaller class sizes, good winds and lots of flights.

With unlimited lessons you can earn your Hang 1 rating, allowing you to fly without supervision from the sand dune. You will then be able to pursue skills needed for your Hang 2 rating. By the spring you’ll be that much closer to soloing your hang glider 2,000′ above the ground!

From March to November you can take as many dune lessons as you can fit into one 7-day week.


Learn to Fly with other Pilots in Training!

Combine the unlimited dune lessons without fear of lodging during our Hang I Camps. With three camps per year, the ability to earn your Hang I has never been easier.

Camp Estimated Itinerary

  • Day 1 (SUN): Check-in at the Flight School and your accommodations
  • Day 2 (MON): Beginner Dune Lesson + Advanced Dune Lesson
  • Day 3 (TUE): Advanced Dune Lesson + Advanced Dune Lesson
  • Day 4 (WED): Advanced Dune Lesson + Advanced Dune Lesson
  • Day 5 (THU): continued Dune Lesson Training as needed
  • Day 6 (FRI): continued Dune Lesson Training as needed
  • Day 7 (SAT**): Practical and Written Exams
  • Day 8 (SUN): Check-out from your accommodations in the morning



Create a Hang Gliding Club

If you’ve been trying to get a club together, we are here to help! We know it’s not easy to get the ball rolling; budgets are tight, and the logistics can be daunting. Problems solved! We cut our prices in half and have housing available!

One Week, Hang 1 Club Package
  • H1 Lesson Package: $429/student
  • Housing: $500 for the Club for 1 week! (up to 8 students per house)
Day & Weekend Trips
  • Single Beginner Lesson: $109 $55
  • Advanced Lesson: $149 $75
  • Housing: $25/night!

Specialized Hang Gliding Clinics

For more information, call the Hang Gliding School (252) 441-2426.

Launching & Landing Clinics

This half-day clinic offers the perfect opportunity to practice and refine your launching and landing techniques under the direct guidance of a USHPA certified instructor. Kitty Hawk Kites offers the best location in the country to practice these techniques.

Instructor Certification Program (ICP)

If you have an Intermediate Hang III rating, First Aid and CPR certification and the desire to teach hang gliding you are eligible to attend the ICP. This program includes courses covering all aspects of teaching from philosophy to flying techniques. A certified ICP Administrator directly supervises all ICPs.

Instructional Aero-towing Clinic

Once you’ve earned your Hang III rating, you can learn all the ‘ins and outs’ of aero-towing and thermalling hang gliders. This clinic includes ground school instruction, two tandem flights to 2,000 feet and two solo tows to 2,000 with radio supervision.

Advanced Hang Gliding Mountain Clinic

After earning your Novice (Hang II) rating and gained some additional flight time, you’re ready to launch from a mountain. Kitty Hawk Kites can take you there through one of our mountain clinics. Our instructors will guide you through this exhilarating experience. These clinics can generate hours of air time while providing the enjoyment of the company of other pilots. You’ll enjoy a lifetime of memorable fire-side adventure stories. Prices vary depending upon the size of the group and duration of stay; these clinics are designed for experienced pilots.

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