Parasailing FAQ

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What are our Days and Hours of operation? How much does parasailing cost? How long have you been in business? What is our safety record, have we had any Parasailing Accidents? Is the captain and crew specially trained, experienced and or licensed?

Parasailing FAQ

What are our days and hours of operation? (Weather permitting)

7 days a week, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm (may vary depending on what time of year; call 1-877-FLYTHIS to confirm). We do offer later flights depending on time of year and time of sunset. Manteo location’s winter season:

  • October 1 – March 14: Closed

Duck location’s winter season:

  • September 15th – May 14th: Closed

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What is the cost of a parasailing adventure?

Depends on how many people and how high you fly! Call us at 1-877-FLYTHIS to hear about flight costs, any specials and available time slots. Back to Top

How long have you been in business?

OBX Parasail, LLC has been working with KHK for 10+ years in 2 locations, Duck and Manteo. The owners operate the business and are local residents in Manteo all year. Check out our website and like us on Facebook! Back to Top

What is your safety record? Have you had any parasailing accidents?

OBX Parasail has had no parasail accidents. Our number one priority is safety. In everything we do, your safety comes first. We are the only company on the Outer Banks that provides you a safety video to watch before boarding. We are the only company on the Outer Banks that adheres to the WSIA (Water Sports Industry Association) parasail standards. WSIA sets guidelines for the parasail industry as to what is safe regarding weather, equipment, crew, training and operations. Check out the WSIA standards on our website. Back to Top

Are the captain and crew specially trained, experienced and/or licensed?

All Parasail Captains have a USCG license. Coast Guard regulations state that 50% of the crew has to be CPR and First Aid certified. OBX Parasail goes above and beyond this requirement by having 100% of the Crew CPR and First Aid certified. OBX Parasail has a rigorous training program that teaches all Crew employees how to prepare for those out of the ordinary situations and how to safely get the flyers back on board the boat if any incident occurs. Captains and Crew employees return year after year and together have 30+ years in the parasail industry. Check out our Comparison Chart on the website to further see how OBX Parasail differs from other parasail companies on the Outer Banks. Back to Top

Are reservations recommended?

Due to the extreme popularity of our ride and limited space available, reservations are recommended.

  • Reservations should be made at least 1-2 days in advance.

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What is the cancellation policy?

For a detailed link to our reservations and cancellation policies [CLICK HERE]

We have a very strict “zero tolerance” 48-hour cancellation policy. If you or someone in your party must cancel for any reason within 24-48 hours of your scheduled flight, you may be rescheduled for another day. Same day cancellations will NOT be rescheduled. If you are late for your boat departure or miss your scheduled time, there will be no refunds or reschedules permitted. Sorry, no exceptions! Back to Top

Is a parasailing adventure fun?

Our customers would consider this to be an understatement! Back to Top

How long does the adventure last?

The entire boating adventure lasts for approximately one hour with each scheduled flight in the air for 10-12 minutes. Back to Top

How many passengers can go on the boat?

In Duck, we carry up to 6 passengers maximum per boat per trip. At the Manteo location, we carry up to 12 passengers on the boat after May 1 (Coast Guard Requirement). Back to Top

Can people come along to enjoy the boat ride and just watch?

In Duck, observers are welcome if space is available.  In Manteo, there are guaranteed observer slots each day, but they fill up fast!  Call or go online to make your observer reservations to ensure a guaranteed observer slot and/or put your name on the list for a ‘stand by’ observer slot taken on a first come first serve basis.  All observer fees are $25. Back to Top

Do we have to have any experience or be athletic in any way?

If you can sit, you can fly! No experience or talent is necessary. We do all the work, you have all the fun! Back to Top

What are the age limits?

Children must be a minimum age of 2 to fly. Our oldest flyer was a woman 98 years young.

  • All age groups subject to staff approval.

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What are the weight limitations?

This depends on the wind and sea conditions at the time of your flight. The Captain will determine the safest weight combinations if need be – max ~400 lbs per flight. Sometimes it is less than 400 lbs depending on the wind conditions. There is also a minimum weight requirement of 150 – 175 lbs depending on daily conditions. Triples are designed for 3 children, 2 children and adult, or 2 adults and 1 child. Triples are not designed for 3 adults. All weight categories subject to staff approval. Back to Top

What is tandem, and who can participate?

2 people fly together side by side. Triple flights are also available. All flight options are subject to staff approval. Back to Top

Who can fly tandem and/or triple?

The Captain will make this decision at the time of your flight after evaluating your weights and the wind and sea conditions.

  • We offer no guarantee; you should be prepared to fly either solo or tandem.

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Are there any money saving coupons available?

There are coupons located in the Sunny Day Guide and the OBX Visitors Guide. You can also call 1-877-FLYTHIS to ask about our weekly promotions and to make reservations. Visit for more information. Back to Top

What type of parasailing do we offer?

“Winch Direct Parasailing” – the most widely accepted form of parasailing in the world today, the type of parasailing which allows you to safely take off and land from the flight deck aboard the boat, not off the beach or a floating barge as seen in Mexico and many other resort areas. It’s like flying a kite with a fishing pole. Utilizing a hydraulic winch, you are slowly reeled out from the flight deck located on the boat, and after an incredible and scenic flight you are then reeled back to the vessel’s flight deck. Parasail options:

  • Single/Double/Triple Deluxe – 600 feet of line, 10-12 minute flight
  • Single/Double/Triple Extreme – 900 feet of line, 10-12 minute flight
  • Single/Double/Triple Ultimate – 1200 feet of line, 10-12 minute flight

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Will we get wet?

Dipping is dependent on wind and weight conditions. With good conditions, the Captain will be able to give you a choice for the dip – “Toes to your nose.” We will try to accommodate your choice if the conditions allow. It is also sometimes necessary to land you in the water, in which case you will get very wet! Back to Top

How should we dress?

Casual beach attire: shorts, bathing suits, sandals, tennis shoes, even jeans are okay. You may want to bring a sweat shirt or wind breaker depending on the weather. Back to Top

Do I need to know how to swim?

Swimming is not necessary, as we require all participants to wear a life vest while flying. Any children under the age of 12 will be required to wear a floatation device (vest) before the boat leaves the slip. Back to Top

Can we bring our own camera equipment?

You can bring your camera, however we are not responsible for any loss or damage to your personal property. “Bring at your own risk!”

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